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How Does Cloud Video Surveillance Lower Maintenance Costs

Installing a traditional, on-premise security system may seem affordable – but your upfront implementation and equipment costs are just the beginning. Throughout its life cycle, your recorder will require ongoing maintenance that may take more...Read More

What Features Should You Consider When Choosing Home Security Cameras?

Home security technologies have advanced significantly in recent years. As a result, security cameras offer a wide range of features that any Grand Junction homeowner can utilize to protect their home. If you are buying a surveillance camera for the...Read More

The Key Benefits Of Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is also referred to as home automation. Smart home systems and devices are designed to keep your Grand Junction home secure, comfortable, and save you money. Smart homes are controlled by a smart home app on your smartphone....Read More

Four Benefits Of Choosing A Monitored Home Security

When you work with a professional security company, you will not only receive a home security system. You will also be offered a variety of service packages that include installation, system maintenance, and home security monitoring. Installation...Read More

Choosing The Best Security Camera For Your Business

When it comes to security cameras, it does not matter if you are a mom and pop store or a mega-corporation, you want to get the camera that works best for your needs. There is much closed-circuit television (CCTV) to choose from and each has its own...Read More

A Smart Solution to Secure Your Home from Leaks

Water leaks and water damage are both hefty expenses that homeowners don't want to have to deal with. So, while you evaluate the security of your home, you will want to also explore your options for water and leak detection as well to secure the...Read More

4 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe During Vacation

If you live and work in Grand Junction, CO one of the things you probably look forward to once or twice a year is a bit of time off to take a well-earned vacation and go someplace new. Whether it’s a new location in the USA or seeing the world...Read More

How Does Cloud Video Surveillance Provide Unparalleled Accessibility

Almost every security system today can be accessed by utilizing an on-site recorder or through off-site measures. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar or a multi-location franchise, this blog post will dive into two unique challenges of an on-premise...Read More

What Do Burglars Look For In A Target?

If you own a home here in Grand Junction, CO one of the things you hope for is a property that remains safe and undisturbed. A home should be a retreat, your personal space away from the troubles of the world, safe for yourself and your...Read More

Healthcare Facilities Have Specific Security Needs

Healthcare facilities in Grand Junction, CO run the gamut of different needs for Americans. Some facilities are large complexes, like hospitals. Others are smaller clinics, serving neighborhoods, while others are pharmacies that provide the...Read More

How To Improve Retail Security

The retail business in Grand Junction, CO can be an extremely lucrative one. This is especially true if it provides products that customers want and are actively looking for, along with making the right choices to attract those customers, such as...Read More

How To Improve School Security

For students who go to school in Grand Junction, CO, the primary focus of the day should be on studying, getting good grades, and interacting with fellow students. Sadly, in America, unlike other countries, this is not the only major worry that...Read More

How Secure Is Your Farm?

Farming is a backbone of the economy in Grand Junction, CO, and a backbone of the economy of the United States. Without farmers, we wouldn’t have the very food we put on our tables, and various industries and businesses rely on farms in order...Read More

3 Essential Security Tips For Protecting Your New Home

Just moved into your new home in Grand Junction, CO? Congratulations! Moving to a new home is always a tough proposition because of all the adjustment that goes into the move. Adjusting to the new neighborhood, the new town and the difference in the...Read More

What are the Advantages of Cloud Surveillance over Traditional Video Solutions?

Cybersecurity threats remain a growing concern for business owners. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, 88% of small business owners said they have experienced cybersecurity breaches to their business and were unsure of their ability...Read More

3 Effective Home Security Tips For People Who Live Alone

When it comes to keeping your household safe, independent living can be tough. Having someone to watch your back makes it so much easier to keep yourself safe since you’ve got an extra pair of eyes to spot any brewing trouble and help you...Read More

Shoplifting Prevention In Your Store

1 in every 11 people in the United States admit to actively commit shoplifting offenses or admit they have shoplifted in the past. Shoplifting costs businesses throughout the United States billions of dollars each and every year, some of which are...Read More

Keeping Safe And Secure In Parking Lots

Whether you own a retail store, a public property, a business complex, or any sort of property with a parking lot, your security shouldn’t stop at your doors. Parking lot safety is important, and it provides a number of benefits to property...Read More

3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Security Camera System

In today’s world, with the advent of technological advancements comes the creation of devices designed to keep you as secure as possible from outside threats. This includes security camera systems for your Grand Junction, CO home. In the past,...Read More

Home Security: Things You Should Consider

A home security system may be one of the best investments a homeowner can have. It ensures the safety of the property you worked hard for and the welfare of your loved ones. However, many people still do not see the importance of this system. The...Read More

How Does Cloud Video Surveillance Enhance Security

On-premise security systems may not be going away anytime soon, but the cloud is here to stay. So, which one offers greater security? In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the main benefits of cloud surveillance, including data protection,...Read More

How To Assess Your New Home’s Security

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and finally got the Grand Junction home you’ve always dreamed of owning. Once you’ve signed all the paperwork and have your move-in date, it’s time to make sure to protect your latest...Read More

Keeping Your Elderly Parents Safe And Secure

In Grand Junction, seniors make up about 15% of the total population. Their population is projected to nearly double across the United States in the next 40 years. Our parents are living longer which is a good thing, but they are not always...Read More

Should You Buy Commercial Grade Or Consumer Grade?

Once you make the decision to get a camera surveillance system, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the types, technicals, and prices. Then you have to decide whether you should do it yourself or have it installed. Should you go to a big box store...Read More

The Five Most Common Types Of Security Cameras And Their Uses

When it comes to security cameras, whether it is for your Grand Junction home, small business or mega-corporation you want the camera that will work best for your situation. There are many CCTV cameras to choose from, each for different situations...Read More

How Do Motion Detectors Work?

If you are looking into getting a security system for your home in Grand Junction, CO, or you are interested in upgrading your current system, there are many features you can choose to have included in your package.  One such feature is a...Read More

Overcoming Retail Cybersecurity Threats

Many retail stores in Grand Junction that find themselves going up against eCommerce giants are becoming more and more competitive by expanding their supply chains. To do this, they also depend on the technology from third parties which can be...Read More

Could A Break-In Be In Your Future?

Most research points to the majority of home burglaries taking place between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. That includes those that occur right here in Grand Junction. Why? Well, people are less likely to be home during that period. Some folks are...Read More

Dont Forget To Safeguard Your Property Before Heading Off On Your Fabulous Cruise This Summer

Before people even realize it, the rest of the winter weather will be gone. Spring is fast approaching, and summertime isn't far behind. Once the sunny skies and hot temperatures finally arrive, many, many Grand Junction residents are sure to be...Read More

Your Security Cameras Could Help The Police Solve Crimes

More and more homeowners are electing to have surveillance cameras mounted on the inside and outside of their homes. There are good reasons for people taking this action. According to the FBI, an estimated 1,230,149 burglaries occurred across the...Read More

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